About Me

Curriculum Writer / Plain Language Editor

In our world of information overload, clear writing is more important than it has ever been. If it takes extra time to decipher the message, people will stop reading. They expect to find the information they need easily and to understand it without a struggle.

My name is Debbie Bateman. I bring years of dedicated practice to my role as a curriculum writer and plain language editor. I’ve developed manuals, video scripts, course content, textbooks, exams, and public education material. My work has taken me into a wide range of organizations from small consulting firms to government organizations, from the high-tech sector to the construction industry, from academic institutions to power companies.

All organizations need content that is clear. Many people assume that being clear means using baby-sized words, but it’s not about that at all. The principles of clear writing work equally well, whether you’re writing for the general public or a specialized technical audience. Sometimes this means using simple words. Other times it means using specialized language.

Debbie at Clear Choice Writing is fantastic to work with. As a result of her great work, the Alberta Government Disaster Recovery Handbooks were well received throughout Southern Alberta during the devastating 2013 floods. She is resourceful, professional and delivers on time. I highly recommend Clear Choice Writing.” – Brad Ison, Alberta Emergency Management Agency”

Novel and Memoir Editor

Every good writer needs a good editor. A second opinion can deepen character development, heighten the story, and give your prose more impact. I’m a skilled editor and creative writer with experience on both sides of the desk. Because I know what it’s like to have my creative work edited, I’m sensitive to your needs and respectful of your artistic intentions.

Whether you’ve decided to publish your own book or want to attract offers from traditional publishing houses, you need to put forward your best work. A skilled editor helps make that possible.

I’m a graduate of The Writer’s Studio offered by Simon Fraser University and a former teacher’s assistant in that program. My creative writing has appeared or is forthcoming in descant, Euphemism, Emerge 18, Phoebe, Qwerty, “Shy Anthology” (University of Alberta Press), and the “You Look Good for Your Age” anthology (University of Alberta Press). Also, I am the fiction reviews editor of a fabulous online magazine that focuses on the craft of writing and reading called The Artisanal Writer.

Debbie’s competence allows her to articulate both criticism and praise in a manner that made me feel safe in sharing my manuscript. Her in-depth summary and attention to detail regarding all aspects of writing, including plot and character development was clearly outlined and offered valuable resources. With professionalism Debbie supported my journey, offering specific suggestions as to how improvements could be made and complementing the work she felt was well written. In short, Debbie’s professionalism, knowledge, and understanding as a writer made her an asset and a pleasure to work with.” – Tamara Mize


I’m a member of Editors Canada, Professional Editors Association of Vancouver Island, and the BC Federation of Writers.

For more information, please contact me at dbateman@clearchoicewriting.com.