Memoirs and Novels I’ve Edited

Basic Life Lessons I Learned from Dogs by J. Robert Ridpath (memoir)


Crushed Velvet by Tamara Mize (vampire novel)


Project Payback by Tina Rovatti (suspense novel)


The Ruins of My Life by Robert Gault (novel)


VoG DOrBay: Discourses with Anura Intergalactic by John Ella (science fiction)


“In editing my novel, Debbie brought three critical elements to the table: her knowledge, professionalism, and a genuine desire to support my growth as a writer. Starting with a thorough manuscript evaluation, Debbie commented on the overall story structure and flow, narrative and character arcs; identified areas of improvement (and explained why); and even pointed out areas of strength (and again why). The suggestions, tips and links to applicable reference material she provided were very helpful. The copy edit was as equally thorough, providing explanations as to how and why certain changes would strengthen the story. In Debbie, I have an editor who I trust is giving me her best so that I can put forward mine, and I look forward to working with her again!”Tina Rovatti, novelist